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Koreana ( Korea del Sur )

Koreana (Korean: 코리아나, 1962-2003) is a bilingual Korean musical group that performs songs in both English and Korean. The group performed at the opening ceremonies of the 1988 Seoul Olympics where they sang its official theme song "Hand in Hand."
Marie Hong released a solo album called Mom & Son in 2004.

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[edit] Discography

  1. Dis corea, 1979
  2. Buring fantasy, 1980
  3. high light, Hey mister, Too much love
  4. Maxi single: Hey Day dreamer Mid night lover, 1986
  5. Hand in Hand, 1988
  6. Living for love, one in a million, 1989
  7. 우리는 EXPO 주제가 `그날은´, 1993
  8. We Are One, 1996

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